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Cargo shipping

Havetrans, s.r.o. provides vehicle transport, using quality equipment, which is used to deliver goods to our loyal customers, by our very own experienced drivers, whom have gone through regular training and medical examinations. At Havetrans s.r.o. our main goal is to offer you functional and reliable transportation, as we stand by the satisfaction of our customers. Our dispatchers have a modern transport planning system, all trucks are equipped with a satellite system for on-line monitoring via GPS / GSM, which allows immediate overview of vehicle movement and driver activity and makes communication between dispatcher and driver a whole lot easier, because here at Havetrans s.r.o. we find continuous communication between dispatcher and driver, a crucially important detail in providing complete and quality service. We are also able to transport cargo in two-floor trailers. For transporting, we use a EURO 5 and 6 semitrailer with a volume of 100 m3 and provide services of large volume sets using a EURO 5 and 6 semitrailer with a volume of 120 m3.
We provide transportation to all EU countries, including: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and Scandinavia.


17x  A truck with a capacity of 100 m3 and a load capacity of 24 tons (3 m internal height) we load 33 pallets and in the case of a double deck we load up to 20 tons and 66 pallets
 5x 120 m³ trucks with dimensions of 7.2 m + 8.2 m and load capacity 22 tons (internal height 3 m) - load 38 pallets and in the case of double deck we load up to 20 tons and 76 pallets
 1x   Truck with load capacity 35 m³ of 3.5 tons (only about 2.5 t in weight) and just inside
 2x   Pickup with load capacity 12 m3 and max. 1200 kg 

Our drivers

Each of our drivers is thoroughly trained both in accordance with Decree 561/2006 on Road Traffic and on VDA / RUA Vehicle Inspection, Loading and Acquisition, Safety of Work and Correct Completion of Shipping Documents!

Team of our dispatchers

Each of our dispatchers is willing to offer you the fastest and most efficient solution to your demanded transport in the shortest possible time, depending on your transport options and to achieve your destination quickly, cheaply and successfully!

In case of failure / inability to provide our own transport, we are willing to contact our reliable contractor.

Our vision

Our vision is sustainable transport capacity growth, refinement and acceleration of individual shipments with a focus on customer satisfaction.

We use EURO 5 and 6 semitrailers with a volume of 100 m3 and EURO-5 and 6-volume trucks with a volume of 120 m3. We also transport the costs of two floors, that is to say, the floor.

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